The Right Moment For Listening to Music

Music and songs are things that can not be separated from human life today, including me. It seems, if you do not listen to music all day like there are less in this life

In today’s all-round sophisticated, listening to music can we do anytime and anywhere. Listening to music can also be through any medium, such as through radio, television, watching live performance, to streaming music. Here I write a few moments that fit to listen to music.

1. Relax with Favorite Songs

Again saturate the same endless work? Or want to relax while lazing on a holiday? You can take advantage of your leisure time by listening to your favorite songs. Well, when you have plenty of free time, you can create playlists or so-called “playlists” to accompany you in different activities. Can be accompanied by snacks of cassava chips or potato chips and fresh drinks of course

My favorite song while relaxing is usually very diverse, ranging from pop Indonesia to foreign countries. Lately I am again very happy to listen to the song on his new album Ed Sheeran titled “รท (Divide)”,

2. Songs to Accompany When Traveling
For you who love to walk, must often deh listen to the song to drive saturation on the way. If you bring your own vehicle, just turn on the radio in the car or play a cassette / cd / memory that contains your favorite songs. If I like that everywhere often use public transportation (bus / taxi / train / plane), live listen to music via mobile only.

The right track to accompany my journey is usually the cover songs of a well-known song. There are some cover song singers I like, like Jason Chen, Kurt Hugo Schneider, Megan Nicole, and many more.

3. Music Aiding Concentrations Learning
I have a strange habit when studying, which must be really accompanied by music. Yes, usually the other people learn to be with calm, well I even the opposite. I’ve read an article on the internet, which states that listening to music while studying can increase one’s concentration level.

Of course the music is not music that is noisy and deafening. The usual music to accompany me while studying is piano instrumental music, cello, violin, or guitar. And if you want to try it, please listen to the works from Yiruma, The Piano Guys, and Depapepe.

4. Song Enhancer Enhancement During Sports
Listening to songs can also be a boost our fitting spirit is a sport lho! When jogging or running for example, I often hear songs using earphones connected to my phone. Usually I put the phone in a mini waist bag specifically designed to run.

The songs that I listen to are certainly not sad mellow songs, but the songs that bertempo quickly (upbeat). Examples are the songs “Stronger” Anggun C Sasmi, “Rockabye” his Clean Bandit, “The Greatest” Sia, and many more.