The history of rhythm and blues music (R & B)

History of R & B Music
R & B (also written RnB, an abbreviation of rhythm and blues) is a popular music genre that combines jazz, gospel, and blues, a stream of this type first introduced by African-American musicians. The term was first used as a marketing term in music in the United States in 1947 by Jerry Wexler who worked on Billboard magazine. The term RnB replaced the term racing music and the Billboard Harlem Hit Parade category in June 1949. In 1948, RCA Victor marketed black music under the name Blues and Rhythm. The phrase was reversed by Wexler at Atlantic Records, who became the recording company that led the R & B field in the early years. And now this type of RnB is the most popular around the world.

Era of the 40s
In the history of r & b music, r & b music is divided into 4 major sections, namely Early R & B, Motown and Soul, Funk and Disco, as well as Dance and Rap. The history of r & b music continued into the late 1940s, this year RCA Victor sold black music under the terms “Blues and Rhytm”. And in this year began to develop a kind of music that is based on the Boogie-Woogie rhythm which is then called Jump Blues. Many musicians who carry this type of music such as Lousi Jordan who dominated the Billboard charts in this year also with five songs. And then it continued into 1949 where the term Rhytm and Blues began replacing the Harlem Hit Parade category on the Billboard charts, and the one that dominated the charts that year was Paul Williams’s “The Huckle Buck”.
Era of the ’50s
Then in the 1950s, the history of r & b music here Johnny Otis released many songs and began to dominate the charts. The history of r & b music in 1951 also appeared a radio announcer named Alan Freed who often played r & b songs on his radio show, he described the r & b he played as rock ‘n roll. In this year also appeared some r & b musicians like Little Richard who attracted the whole world attention because of the new type of r & b music, faster and funky.
In the history of r & b music it can be said that the 1950s was an important year for r & b music, r & b music in this year became popular and beat music types such as jazz and rock ‘n roll. Here also appeared some musicians and some great concerts morning musicians r & b.
The history of r & b music continued into the 1960s where musicians from Berry Goody’s Motown records dominated the r & b music market. Some of his famous artists such as The Temptations, Diana Ross and The Supremes, Smokey Robinson and The Miracles. In this year also r & b music is said as soul music by white people, this type of music is called blue eyed soul.
Era 80s
In the history of r & b music also appears Contemporary R & B which is a kind of music from a combination of music types such as rhytm and blues, pop, soul, funk and hip hop. This music emerged after the disappearance of disco music in the 1980s.
The history of r & b music continued during the transition from soul music to r & b music in the 1980s. Appear some musicians who took over the stairs alau like Michael Jackson and Prince. Michael Jackson’s album “Thriller” became one of the most sold albums worldwide. Here also appeared some female r & b singers like Whitney Houston and also Janet Jackson who gained popularity in the late 1980s. In addition, also appeared New Edition, which eventually became the prototype of boyband like Backstreet Boys and New Kids Ont The Block.
The 90’s
The history of r & b music continued in the 1990s with the emergence of a band called Boyz II Men who popularized classic-sou vocal harmony. Then there is Babbyface who is the producer of Janet Jackson, Babyface’s career as a solo singer thrives by bringing out songs with a fine R & B type of music. The history of r & b music in the 1990s also evolved a type of r & b music combined with hip hop music, which was then called hip hop soul. Singers who bring this type of music like Mary J. Blige, Aaliyah, R Kelly, and Brandy.
In the history of r & b music in the 1990s, successful singers such as Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men brought contemporary r & b into the mainstream of musical tastes, Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men had one duet song called “One Sweet Day” This managed to occupy the number one in the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Then there is Missy Elliot who combines more R & B and hip hop simultaneously.
Era 90s – 2000s
The history of r & b music continued, from the 1990s to the late 2000s, many bands and solo musicians, but the more dominant were soloists, such as Jennifer Lopez and NSYNC group. In addition there are also Britney Spears, Gwen Steffany and Pink. In the 2000s mixing between r & b and hip hop music grew more and more famous artists in the 2000s such as Usher, Beyonce