Music Funk

Funk is a stream of music that contains elements of African-American dance music. Generally funk music can be recognized by rhythms that are often cut short, sharp rhythm guitar sounds, dominant percussion, strong jazz influences, African-influenced rhythms of music, and the joyful impression found on hearing it. Root funk can be traced to rhythm and blues types from the Louisiana region in the 1960s. This music stream is closely related to soul music as well as other types of derivative music such as P-Funk and Funk Rock.
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If talking about Funk or Funk music is not afdol if I’m not associated with James Brown, soul musician filled with hyperbolic rada epithets like The Prime Minister of Soul, President of Funk to The Godfather of Soul and whatever.
Funk is loaded with syncope.Also a distinctive bass line.Rhythm guitar sharp as aksentuasi.Lalu horn section blowing section, upbeat and danceable.
In the late ’60s into the 1970s, Funk’s music had a lot of sympathy with jazz. Especially when Miles Davis absorbed the Funk rhythm in his jazz rock works, followed by a series of Miles Davis alumni such as Herbie Hancock, Tony Williams, George Duke, Eddie Harris, Ramsey Lewis, Stanley Clarke and many others ……… Similarly Jimi Hendrix & The Experience who initiated Funk Rock. Like explorations by drummer Buddy Miles.

In the era of the 70s Funk growing rapidly hingg the emergence of outbreak disco diseantero universe.
Not a few funk-based groups are emerging, such as Earth Wind & Fire, Tower of Power, Graham Central Station, Commodores, The Bar-Kays, Con Funk Shun, Kool & The Gang, The Brothers Johnson, War and still a long line longer including Stevie The genial Wonder.
In the Musical Box R & B and Soul Tuesday 12 September 2006, discussing funk music ….. accompanied by some of James Brown’s funk repertoires, Graham Central Station, The Bar-Kays, Parliament Funkadelic, Prince & The Revoiution etc.

Not to be missed Funk bands filled with youthful spirits like Red Hot Chili Peppers (better known as RHCP) is a California-based rock music group founded by vocalist Anthony Kiedis, bassist Michael Balzary (known as Flea), late lead guitarist Hillel Slovak, vocalist And drummer ‘Cho’ Laws, and drummer Jack Irons in 1983. Currently the members consist of Kiedis, Balzary, guitarist John Frusciante and drummer Chad Smith. Former members include Dix Denney, Jack Sherman, Cliff Martinez, Dwayne “Blackbird” McKnight, D.H. Peligro, Arik Marshall, Jesse Tobias, and Dave Navarro.
RHCP has released nine studio albums, nine # 1 modern rock hits, and has sold nearly 50 million albums in the world (37 million sold for the three albums Blood Sugar Sex Magik, Californication and By the Way).

Trick playing Funk music
Learning variations of the sixteenth and triplet notes, then learning ghost note strumming, I’m not a funk player but as far as I’m concerned about funk hal2 above pretty good essence in funk. For chords that used funk music most are dominant chord2, can dominant 7th, or 9th dominant. etc. Progress. It’s often funk that one chord progression is fixed in one chord, but there are also some variations, but usually not too complicated. Funk is more to rhythmic and groove, and a clear ghost note is very essential in funk music. For sound, funk more often use sound clean or light overdrive. To flatten the strumming volume you can also add compressor effect. For refrensi band try listening james brown, or tower of power, or band2 called ama vorpobello.