Here are 4 Themes of T-shirt Music

Using a musical t-shirt has its own uniqueness, especially for fanatical fans of a particular band. Can be said they show their existence will love the idol. Not close the possibility for those who use these musical shirts only limited fasion or their likes on the design design is made. Here is the theme of music t-shirts that often become the target audience.

1. Photo Musicians

Photographs of musicians became the first rank the most often in the theme for the musical shirt. In addition to being a target for the audience, this shirt was often several times the production even with the same photo. Call it a picture of Jim Morison “The doors” is typical, or the style of Bob Marley with his dreadlocks we often encounter on the theme on music t-shirts. Do not miss photos of musicians themselves or during the concert we often see on the T-Shirt Music.

2. Musicians’ Albums and Concerts
Album and Concert musicians are often also used as a theme on music t-shirts. In addition to unique t-shirts, for enthusiasts have their own memories. For example, the Abbey Road album “The Beatles” on the zebra cross on Abbey Road Britain Road, or their concert concert at a place like Japan or back to england is still a theme for the musical shirt.

3. Group Band Symbol

Sapa who does not know the image of the lips and tongue that is protruding which is the symbol of the band Rooling Stone, or the symbol of the weapon and the roses “Gun” N “Rosses”. Although very simple but the symbols and writings of musicians or bands have a strong character to be made in a musical shirt. This symbol becomes the third order.

4. Song Title

The last rank is the title of the song that is often used as theme for music shirts. Title song title from the band or musicians are often in the theme of t-shirts, especially when the song is booming on the market.

That is the theme of the theme is often made in a musical t-shirt that is often in the target

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