Brontosaurus is the dynamic duo of Nicholas Kelley and Nicholas Papaleo. Formed in Chicago in 2010 as an outlet for their sometimes pretty, sometimes eerie pop constructions. Drawing inspiration from エクスネス レバレッジ a variety of sources as well as their varied musical upbringing, Brontosaurus performs their songs using all 8 limbs, often at the same time, as well as intertwining their distinct voices to create a powerful and and entertaining live experience. Brontosaurus’ debut LP, Cold Comes To Claim (Plustapes), was released in the summer of 2011. This bombastic LP owes as much to the sound and feel of Tin Pan Alley as it does to the Pacific Northwest of the late nineties. Cold Comes To Claim runs the gamut – from sweeping grandeur to math-induced freak-outs. There might not be a duo these days – in Chicago or elsewhere – making as big of a noise as Brontosaurus as they continue to tour in support of Cold Comes To Claim all while debuting exness 出金 new material for their sophomore effort, which the band hopes to begin recording in November 2012.

“The duo of Nicholas Kelley and Nicholas Papaleo have only been together for a year, but have pulled together a debut effort that is polished, wildly entertaining”
- The Deli (Chicago)

Brontosaurus manages to claim their own sound in the space of six tracks, laying down well-structured songs with sweet riffs, great vocals (though sometimes a bit flat), and innovative combinations of electronicand acoustic sounds.
- Examiner

You could call their sound avant-pop, you could call it indie rock but whatever you do decide to file it under, the fact remains that these guys are one hell of a power duo.
- Epitonic

“This album is emotive. It has no gimmicks. It’s genuine. The more I play it the more I’m wondering where my super old iPod is so I can bust out some Black Heart Procession. I can feel those college days coming back.”
- Perfect Porridge

“Brontosaurus never reaches for easy, safe emotional highs and lows. You want to walk on the band’s journey, and you appreciate that the guys don’t sugarcoat the experience. “Beware” and “Mouths Move,” which open and close things respectively, serve as the standout tracks to a nifty little record that, in the classic southern gothic tradition, reminds you that, despite how dark it is right now, there’s light somewhere, and you’re going to find it eventually.”
- Dryvetyme Onlyne

“These guys have written an album of intricacies that are strange yet effervescent, even in their darker moments, like a ultraviolet fluoroescent tube set in a garishly painted ancient cave dwelling. The more I listen the more haunted I feel. This isnt so much a grower as a get under your skin-er – beware indeed…”
- Sonic Masala

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